Gate Fuel Service provides high quality service in everything we do.

Customer Service - We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure our customers are completely satisfied.

Government/Commercial Bidding - Let us serve your enterprise or community's fuel needs.

Delivery - From gasoline and diesel fuel to lubricants, Gate Fuel Service will make safe and timely deliveries for your enterprise.

Storage Tanks - We can offer your enterprise with one or multiple tanks for your fuel and lubricant storage needs.

Bulk Fueling - Gate Fuel Service has a bulk fueling  and lubricant location on Zoo Parkway in Jacksonville, Florida.

Inventory Management - We monitor and maintain the inventories of thousands of tanks daily to ensure they are kept at adequate levels daily.

Pumps, Filters, Hoses and Nozzles - All can be provided to your fueling and lubricant locations at very competitive rates.

Bunkering/Marine Fueling - Gate Fuel Service is certified by the United States Coast Guard to fuel waterborne vessels.

Fleet Fueling - Let us fuel your trucks at your yard!

Wherever your enterprise is located, Gate Fuel Service is there to provide the right solution for you!

Call us at (904) 636-9700 now so we may serve you!


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The main difference between winter- and summer-grade gasoline is their vapor pressure. Gasoline vapor pressure is important for an automobile engine to work properly. During cold winter months, vapor pressure must be high enough for the engine to start easily.

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